What Men Want – Romance Through His Eyes

What Men Want – Romance Through His Eyes

Have you been trying to figure out what men want from women? Do you find yourself doing everything for your man in the hopes of making him happy, but in the end, you don’t really understand what men want from you? Have you tried talking to your boyfriend about it, but he’s vague and is no help?


It can really be tricky trying to figure out what men really want from a relationship or romance. They give off mixed messages, often leading us to think they want one thing when they truly want something else altogether. While all men are different, here’s a quick look at what men in general want from the women they date.


Feel Like a Man


Men, in general, live with a lot of pressure to be a man. They need to be strong and stoic. They’re not supposed to cry and shouldn’t show any kind of pain at all. On top of that, add the heavy romantic burden women throw onto their backs. Yet, for many men, their efforts are wasted because many women will still complain that what they do is never enough.


They put down the guy, bad mouth him and basically tell him he’s worthless with a bunch of tiny but constant insults. In the end, all he really wants is to know that you love him for the man he is. It’s hard to believe how far a little admiration and respect can go.


What Men Want- Room to Breathe


No matter how nice a man tells his significant other he just wants to be alone for a while, chances are she’s not going to be happy about it. She’ll more than likely question why and will feel insulted and hurt because she thinks he doesn’t want to be with her.


Concerning this, most women fall into one of two categories; the insecure woman who wonders where he’s really going and suspects something is wrong, or the self-assured and confident woman who believes she’s so fabulous to be with, she just can’t imagine he’d want to be without her company for any length of time.


Actually, this behavior has nothing to do with her but in all actuality, it has everything to do with him. All men want and need time to themselves or with their friends. Especially if they’re younger. They need the support and approval of their friends as well as time to think of something other than just pleasing you.

Group Of Men Only : Three friends hanging out.

Yes, he loves you and wants to make you happy, but he also wants to fulfill his own needs. Give him a break and let him do his own thing once in a while. A fishing trip with his buddies or a night playing poker with a few friends could do your relationship wonders. It not only shows your independence, but it shows that you’re allowing him to be independent as well, as no relationship can survive without the independent thinking of each partner.


Reliable Intimacy


Physical contact is important to men, yet this is often the first thing women take away from the man they’ve fallen in love with. As hot and heavy as the sexual relationship might be at first, it inevitably diminishes until the poor guy is left wondering when he’ll ever be able to touch you again.


Recognize the importance of this aspect of your relationship. If there’s one thing men want, it’s a reasonably good sex life. This is an important factor in any healthy relationship and it shouldn’t be ignored.

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