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What Men Want in Relationships

What Men Want in a Relationship

Has the thought ever crossed your mind why men seem to want you one day, and they seem to want more “space” the next? Ever wondered why most men find it hard to commit? These and many other questions plague the minds of many women today – what men want in relationships is a question on many women’s minds.

The shocking thing about it is what men want in relationships are pretty much the same things that women want. Here are some of the things men want, and why:


When a man first starts dating, he’s either in it for the fun or he’s serious about finding a partner to live with and this is all depending on his personality. Men who are more confident in their abilities with women are mostly out to have a good time and meet as many women as possible. Those who are less secure in their self-confidence with women would rather find a permanent mate, simply because meeting women is out of his comfort zone.

Self Confident Men Want Their Independence in a Relationship

For the man who’s full of self-confidence, the stigma of relationships today is thought to be that once you get into a relationship, you lose your freedom to do the things you used to enjoy. This is precisely why many of these types of men are uncomfortable being in a relationship and living under its perceived rules. But what many of these men don’t realize is that it’s still possible to enjoy your freedom while sharing it with someone you love.

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So the best tip you can remember to ensure his freedom is this: Don’t be too clingy. As the popular song goes, “Everybody needs a little time away from each other.” Let him enjoy his time, and do the same every now and then.

Humble Men Prefer Their Security

For those men who are less comfortable playing the dating game, their preference is to find a partner and preferably a permanent one because of their lack of confidence around women. Their comfort zone does not allow new activities of ventures that involve any risk and approaching women always brings with it the risk of rejection. Their insecurities lead them to look for a permanent mate so they won’t have to leave their comfort zone again.


This can a positive or a negative depending on what kind of man you want. If you need a daring devil-may-care type of attitude in your man, you’ll want the self-confident man who has little fear of anything. If you want someone who’s not going to be looking at other women, you’ll probably want the less secure man simply because chasing women is not their cup of tea.

What Men Want In Their Enjoyment

Enjoyment just happens to be a little different for the self-confident man and the meek or timid man as their enjoyment level are influenced by the risks they like to take. The confident man loves taking risks and many times the greater the risk, the greater the reward. The unpretentious man, on the other hand, finds much more enjoyment in finding no risk at all and thus is much more comfortable at home with his nose in a book.

To make the relationship a happier place for him (and you), you need to gauge your responses to match his desires. For the confident man, being more willing to take those risks will go a lot further than it will with the less secure man for her would rather you to pop some corn and sit down with him to watch a movie.

 What Men Want: Sincere Women

Every man I know prefers sincerity and honesty in their woman possibly more than anything else. They don’t want a woman pretending to be something she’s isn’t underneath. The last thing that any man wants is a woman who displays a false front or can’t tell the truth at all times.

It may sound hard, but it’s always possible to tweak your personality to be more free, more enjoyable, and more independent if that’s what a man wants in a relationship! If he prefers to be the safe and secure homebody, try to find ways to make him more comfortable in his unpretentious ways. Either way, try to be more understanding of his needs and wants and try to go with the flow to keep your relationship moving in a way that leads to harmony for the both of you.

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