Understanding Men: Sex Is Trust

Understanding Men: Sex Is Trust

It doesn’t matter whether you’re married to a man, dating one or looking to date one, you can’t go past this one unwritten law about sex: men love it. It has to do with the level of testosterone in the body, which is also responsible for men being more physical than an emotion. I will talk about an important point to understanding men that have to do with sex that only 5% of women in the world know about. Maybe you got the hint to what I’m talking about from the title of this article. What you’re about to learn is extremely powerful. The reason that men love sex so much is that it goes beyond physicality. It goes to the core of getting inside your man’s head (and heart).

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Perspectives On Sex


It’s a common belief that men like sex because we simply get physically aroused easier than women do. Although this may be true (I’m won’t deny that), if you’re trying to land a guy who’s looking for a serious relationship, their version of sex is a quite a bit different than the guy looking for the one night stand.

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Guys who are in it for the long run might start off as being more physical, but what makes them really attracted to one girl is how she makes him feel beyond the transitory lust. They’re looking for what she can do for him outside the bedroom to fulfill other needs.


Emotions vs Physicality


It’s safe to say that initially, most guys are more physical. However, if they’re serious about a particular woman, their emotions get involved and there is a new “element” that comes into the equation that we long for, particularly if we’re interested in the woman: That element is trust.

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I know, I know. It seems very clichéd, but you need to hear me out. What men like about certain women that they’re interested in is that these women trust them on different levels. What are these levels?


Reasons for trust


When a woman steps out of her comfort zone to allow a man to see into her inner self, she’s placed a certain amount of trust in that man that often has a tendency to draw him further into her confidence. This, in turn, can also draw her into his confidence as well. Then, she can become more than the one night stand.

There is another emotional reason that men crave trust so much and that is that they’re basically viewing the trust as something extremely valuable that the woman gives to the man. If you’ve ever heard of “detached sex”, then you know that you can have sex and not have that trust there that really makes the sex meaningful. This is done all the time on the street with girls in the oldest profession in the world when the sex is paid for.

The fact of the matter is that most men would rather have meaningful sex with a partner they can trust intimately. All men need someone they can confide in who’s understanding instead of critical, affectionate instead of unfeeling and giving instead of always taking. The needs if men go far beyond this, but this is a basic start to help all women who want to know more about understanding men.


If you want to know more about understanding men then understand that for us, sex isn’t always about sex alone. For the men who are more interested in long-term relationships, sex is all about trust: trust in the form of being comfortable around the man and trust in giving their entirety to the man. We treasure it and truly treasure the woman who gives it to us.

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