Understanding How Do Men Think

How Do  Men Think

It’s actually quite easier to decipher how do men think if you know how to read men’s actions. Understanding how men think is truly a problem most women seem to be bothered by on a regular basis. I have been told by many women that they think men are complicated creatures. Actually, they are not at all that complicated.

How Do Men Think
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How Do Men Think
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How Do Men Think

1. If a guy doesn’t call, he doesn’t want to see you:

How Do Men Think
What’s got his attention?

Actually, this is a not so simple one. How do men think? This is a question that’s been asked by countless other women just like you. I know many girls who think a guy likes them even if he is not calling them. That he is just playing mind games with them, trying to get them more hooked. There is only a half-truth in that. Yes, some guys do avoid a girl for a while to build up anticipation and get the girl to like him, but that is usually only for a few days and only at the beginning of a relationship. But if you have been together for a while and he is not calling you, then more than likely, I’m afraid, he probably longer likes you. If you fear that this may be the case, then looking at the following can help you restore your inner glow and help draw him back to you or better yet, draw someone else more worthy of your gifts to you:

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How Do Men Think
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How Do Men Think

2. If a guy asks you to have a drink with him, does it means he wants to have sex with you?

Couple In Bar : young couple bar counter having drinks Stock Photo   This is one of those general rules that are true about 70%-80% of the time. Even though true for the most part, there are still several different reasons why men ask women for a drink as a guy will ask a girl out in a number of different ways.   If he is asking you to meet him for a drink then he probably wants to sleep with you and that his main intention. If he asks you for dinner then it is beyond sex and he is interested in a relationship. If he asks you for a coffee then he is thinking more of friendship, at least in the beginning. However, plain drink equates to a desire for sex.   It would be nice to think that understanding how men think, it would be so straightforward, but unfortunately, it isn’t always that way.

If you would like to learn more about how men really think,

really, then you can explore the world of men by studying the truth about men with:

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The Universal Truth About How Men Think

 How Do Men Think
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How Do Men Think? 3. If a guy keeps on asking you questions, it means he is interested:

How do men think
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Typical scenario; you’re having a conversation with a guy and you notice he keeps on asking more questions, that means he wants to get to know you better. The more questions he asks, the more he likes you. If you notice he is not asking you any questions, then he is probably not interested. If you’re interested in him, you should start asking questions about him to get to know him better. This exchange of information could be the start of a lifelong relationship and if you’d like to learn more about starting your relationship, you should first consider how do men think, then consider these:

how do men think
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If a guy comes up with quick answers, he is probably lying:

How do men think?
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More than a few women worry that their partners cheat on them. This is a constant worry I hear quite a bit and often happens to be true. If he is cheating on you is hiding something from you, then pay close attention to how he answers your questions when you ask him about it. If he seems like he has a quick answer, it means he prepared answers ahead of time, which come out as an auto-reply. Be careful when that happens, as it probably means he is lying.   If you’ve found yourself in this situation, take this time to learn more about how men think what you can do about it:

How do men think
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How Do Men Think? Enhance Your Understanding Of How He Really Thinks:

How do Men Think?
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What’s He Really Thinking

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