Relationships With Men Who Are Older

Relationships With Men Who Are Older

These days, many young women fall victim, when they become involved in relationships with men who are older. Many of them do it out of sexual curiosity, thinking that older men know better of what to do so they feel safer, yet many of them do it for another father figure in their life.

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However, there are a lot of relationships involving younger women with much older men and their relationships, based on love, work quite well, just like most others. But there are the potential problems in these relationships with much older men, that you don’t need to worry about in similar age relationships. I would like to address some of those issues and discuss what can you do about them?


We’ve all heard the old adage, love is blind. You can fall head over heels in love with someone regardless of your age difference, which is absolutely true. The only problem is that love is not forever blind, and sooner or later you will start seeing problems and if you are not prepared for it, your relationship will very much be at risk. Consider these following points before you decide to get involved with a much older man.

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1. Ways of thinking. You may notice that sometimes you and your parents have totally different views on the same subject. You think they are being absurd and they think you are being weird. The same generation gap may be present in your relationship with a much older man. Different views will often lead to arguments and couple quarrels.


2. Different interest. Being young, you probably enjoy going out to the pub, trying new restaurants, singing karaoke, watching movies in the cinema and so on. Being older, your partner may prefer more relaxing activities at home such as gardening or watching DVD. If you think it is boring, there you are, you have understood my point.


3. Social activities. You will probably feel weird being around his group of friends, or more likely the bunch of old guys who treat you like a little kid. On the other hand, your partner may also not enjoy spending time with your friends who treat him like an old man. Not that you feel comfortable bringing him to your own gatherings.


4. Taking care of him in his senior years. As he climbs into his 80’s and 90’s he’s going to need help with his basic daily needs such as bathing, grooming, and dressing. One should always keep this in mind when making the decision to involve themselves in relationships with men who are older. Try to know all of what that could involve. There may be medical problems that you’ll have to deal with as well as other physical problems that are inevitable in advanced ages.

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5. Sexual desires. As a man gets older, their sex drive decreases. It is not going to disappear completely, but he probably won’t be able to keep up as much to keep you satisfied in long term. This will not only create tension, it poses a big risk to the relationship if you end up meeting someone else that seems to be able to give you more.


These are just a few of the concerns you should have before you decide to engage in relationships with men who are older. There are a lot of other things that need to be considered to be happy. One of the most important ones is never throwing yourself into a relationship to get over a broken heart. You think an older man can do better in mending your wound? It’s better than you think again.


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