Mistakes That Women Make In Their Relationships With Men

Mistakes That Women Make

In Their Relationships With Men

The most important mistakes women make in their relationships with men involve pretending, hiding, faking, or forgoing true beliefs, feelings, and thoughts. This goes along with pretending to be all that the man desires or to have a character unique enough to adapt or change in order to avoid or resolve potentially painful conflicts and natural differences. False pretensions may work to catch a guy, but they’ll never work to keep him in a happy relationship.


All people are different, aside from being flesh and blood and sharing in the common necessities of life that include food, shelter, clothing, the desire for self-fulfillment. Unless you’re the type of person who lives to take care of someone else, trying too hard to please that other person remains counterproductive to the entire concept and need for self-actualization. This poses the question does self-actualization belong in a relationship?

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Freedom & liberty to speak will improve your relationships with men

You will realize that ultimately, a better portion of the long-lasting and loving relationships that exist contain an element of that freedom… that is, liberty to speak, encouragement to think, plus unlimited permission to act upon one’s desires, motivations,  and dreams. Another aspect of the mistakes women make with men includes not appreciating the apparently obvious signs that already exist in a potential partnership.

The truth is, the fundamental nature of someone doesn’t ordinarily change as they age. For example, if a person loves briskly walking a long distance for exercise, as time passes, perhaps he or she may walk a little slower, or even a little faster.

Even so, regardless of the type of exercise chosen, or even having the right partner with whom to share it with, they always look forward to being able to their long-distance exercises of walking briskly, or seriously miss it when it does not occur. Using this as an example only, there are preferences that your mate already possesses, plus a few more that become more evident as you begin to unveil your inner desires to each other.  Some partners who mistakenly establish the habit of the pretentious behavior of like faking, hiding, pretending or purposefully not-noticing…will attempt to change their own feelings, actions, or activities merely to suit their mate in the relationship.

While this may seem like a truly noble or generous display of empathy, it is, at its best, a mistaken perception that this is the only way to please one’s partner. The truth is quite the contrary, in such pretension,  you deny yourself and your companion the opportunity to articulate, manifest, or open up with new solutions for sustaining your mutual enjoyment and peace without being self-denying.

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When relationships with men truly are good ones, the need for one partner to win every discourse while the other gives in is a wasteful exercise where needs disappear, communication isn’t balanced,  and instead of being truly encouraging it tends to be disparaging. The very first of the three greater mistakes women make with men covers a lot of ground because it basically comprises the umbrella under which nearly all the other errors occur.

As a case in point, the very first day you meet your future partner (unknowing as it may seem in the beginning) you already possess the desire to question, examine,  and openly discuss particular topics of impact and importance. These have the potential to make up and reveal the principles of character, whether common or uncommon such as ethics, integrity, honesty, service and trust.

Yet, instead of asking any critical question in a creative and enjoyable (yet sensible) way – new couples tend to skip over the relationship intricacies to live only in “holiday” mode – that is – keeping mild and mellow pleasantries at the forefront of conversations while spending time together. This is one of the grave mistakes women make with men because men have the tendency to hide important points or conveniently forget about them altogether, in order to deeply and instantly gain a woman’s favor.

This comprises a bullet that can be dodged, provided you use your skills, rather than unwisely electing to pretend, hide or simply allow potentially monumental misunderstandings to go without discussion and remain unnoticed.

Is it merely a coincidence that thousands of ladies have stories about being deceived or disrespected?


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