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What Men Want – Discover What He Wants in a Relationship

Discover What Men Want in a Relationship

It just seems that some women know what most men want in a relationship? Why is it that these women always seem to have great looking guys chasing after them? Would you like to be able to turn yourself into one of these women? You can learn to know what men want in a relationship by following these tips.

Trust Your Instincts

Laws of attraction to find your ideal mate
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A majority of what men want is driven by their basic instincts, they always respond to feminine wiles. So your best course of action to get involved with that great guy you already know is to use the gifts nature gave you. But be prepared to use your mind to keep him.

laws of attraction to find and keep your ideal mate.
End the Frustration and Find Love in Your Life! Attract your ideal mate for life.

The best and easiest ways to get a guys attention is to be physically attractive to him, every guy wants to have a beautiful woman on his arm. However being beautiful won’t help you to get a great boyfriend or make your relationship wonderful. In real life, you’re probably going to find someone who’s interested in just one thing, a physical relationship only. Men are that superficial, on the whole.

Men aren’t idiots, they know the difference between a supermodel and a real woman, they also know that the real woman is what they want. Men don’t want to define a woman by her appearance, they want a woman who is confident about her looks, who takes care of herself and who has the ability to challenge him intellectually and understand him emotionally.

Laws of attraction to find the ideal mate for life
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It goes without saying that looking good helps you to feel good too, it also makes you feel more outgoing and confident, so it’s an important aspect of what men want. You can identify the things that you like about yourself and work to bring them more into the light, especially when he is around.

Time to Change

I don’t know any woman that doesn’t want to change something about herself. If you’re one who falls into this category, the first step is to make your best features stand out, this will help you to feel proud and you will automatically de-emphasize the features you’d prefer he not notices. Pick clothes that show off your best aspects. Consider what your current makeup is highlighting. Make sure it’a highlighting your best facial feature.


An excellent exercise to help you to pinpoint your best features is to stand in front of a full-length mirror and really look at yourself. See great calves? Try a fantastic knee-length skirt with a new color. When you accentuate your best feature, it’s easy to get a man to appreciate your assets. Then he won’t notice those features you’re less secure about. Remember that men want a woman who is confident with her assets, who knows how to show them off but is classy enough to keep the best parts hidden for him to discover.


Decide Your Destiny Now

laws of attraction for the ideal mate
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Make Him Yours 

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