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The Psychology of Men & How Men Think

No woman really understands the way the mind of a man works. By the same token, most men don’t understand too much about women. Way too many couples are having too many arguments over trivial things that all seem futile in the end. While not all men are the same, most men do think in a similar fashion. Here are a few insights into the psychology of men that may help you to realize how men think.

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Think Straight, Talk Straight

Remember that almost all men are straight thinkers and they take things at face value. So, if you expect him to understand what’s bothering you without telling him, you’re going to have a tough time resolving your differences. Men are not intuitive. You must tell him what he did (or didn’t do) and work it out or forever let him continue with the behavior you disapprove of.  Unless you tell him, he won’t know.

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He Feels it’s macho to hide problems 

For a man to tell a woman that he has problems is worse than having a tooth pulled. He either considers it a sign of weakness or he’s too embarrassed. Unless things are completely out of hand and he shares an honest to goodness relationship with you he is not going to come out and tell you his problem.


Knowing when to filter Saves Relationships

Most men aren’t detail oriented. They care only about the end result. They definitely don’t care about who did what to who and what they were wearing when they did it. If it doesn’t affect him, directly or indirectly, then there’s no need to tell him. Knowing when to filter the unimportant details can go a long way to keeping your man happy.


They Hate It When You Interrupt Their Time

He probably won’t say it to you out loud but a man is not thinking highly of you when you stroll in and begin to take up his time. He might have a smile on his face but he could be secretly wishing you were somewhere else because he feels that you’re being too selfish to interrupt his alone time.


They Love It When You Show You Care 

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Listening is probably the greatest friend you’ll ever have in your relationship with your man. Few man display the patience needed to to be a good listener,  but you know it’s not beyond your capabilities, so show him how much you really care by listening more than you talk.

For Men, Sex Is Always The Solution! 

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Sex is a solution to all fights for men. Once the fight is over they more than likely want makeup sex even if they don’t say so!

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