How Guys Want Women to Dress – It’s Not What You Think, It’s What Men Think About!

How Guys Want Women to Dress

For women looking for a man or to know what men think about, there’s a big secret for dating that all should learn. Knowing how a guy wants you to dress may more important than what it seems, at first glance. What you are about to learn will be a huge lesson in what men think sbout about women, period. I guarantee you this big secret about how men think will help you to not only attract men – but to keep a man interested in you for the rest of your life!

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What men think about the way you dress

will put you miles ahead of other women

To fully understand what men think about in the way you dress will put you miles ahead of other women competing to get your man. So my advice to you is to pay extra close attention to the information contain within this article.


Notably, there are mostly four different occasions in which you will be around your man. I’ll explain how men want you to dress on each of these occasions. After you’ve finished with this article you will not only know how to dress around your man to turn him on, but you will have learned a huge secret about what men really want in a woman.


What Men Think About How You Should Dress for a Date

Laws of attraction to find and keep the ideal mate.
Learn the real truth that most men won’t tell you from an expert, what men think about.

Too many women will wear jeans, tight top and heels on a date. Believe it or not, that turns most men off! They would rather see you in a feminine dress that is more conservative and not too sexy.


What Men Think About,

How You Should Dress for the Weekend

laws of attraction to find and keep the ideal man for life
Learn what men really are thinking about and more importantly, what they’re not saying, what men think about.

More than likely you would rather wear a casual pair of shorts with a loose top. Again, most men would rather not see his woman in this on the weekend. He would prefer to see you wearing a casual, feminine dress, with a thin belt and a pair of sandals.


What Men Think About How You Should 

Dress for an Evening Out

Laws of attraction will find and keep your ideal mage.
Learn what men think about but don’t tell you about.
laws of attraction to find and keep your ideal mate, what men think about
learn what men are thinking about but not talking about.












You might be wondering how this differs from a date. The difference is subtle and that’s why the occasion is important to consider when choosing what to wear.


If your night out is a nightclub or dinner and a movie, what you choose will have a lasting impact on your relationship. Your first concern should be to wear something that will make your man proud to be seen with you.


While you may want to wear those skimpy jeans again, most men want you to wear a nice sexy dress with easy slip-on heels. They prefer you to be feminine and conservative in your dress when you go out at night with him.


How to Dress When You are Meeting the Parents

This occasion should be a no-brainer, right? You certainly can not go wrong wearing a conservative, feminine dress to meet the future in-laws – or can you?

laws of attraction for finding and keeping the ideal mate, what men think about
Learn what men think about but do not talk about.

Believe it or not, when you are meeting his parents for the first time, he actually wants you to wear a relatively tight pair of jeans and heels with a wrap to meet his parents! The psychology behind why he prefers you to be wearing jeans instead of a dress to meet his parents is the topic of a different article altogether.


Conclusion: When men are interested in establishing a long-term relationship with a woman, they are not that concerned about you being dressed in tight sexy clothes. They prefer their women to wear a more conservative dress in a feminine manner on almost every occasion. Blatant sexuality may be nice for casual encounters, but not if you want to keep your man! If you can take this to heart and learn how men think, your chances of having a successful relationship with a man will skyrocket.

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